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How often have we all said it ?

"It's hard to meet new people these days...I'm too busy, a lot of my friends are hooked up or I'm not really into shouting into someone's ear in a nightclub all night".

You still want to go out, have fun and meet entertaining new people, you just want it to be a more relaxed, less hit or miss affair.

Well, your social menu could be about to be change.

Dine to Meet offers a unique alternative to the complex and often unrewarding world of meeting people. Not a dating service, Dine to Meet is more a facilitator for getting groups of like-minded people together to enjoy each others company while savouring a great meal.

So what can I do ?

Whether you're looking for that special someone or just fancy a great night out with a gang you're sure to have a lot in common with, Dine to Meet can serve it up.

It's simple. Dine to Meet organises dinner parties of up to eight people - four guys and four girls - to go out to a city centre restaurant where you'll enjoy the food and each others conversation.

It's a relaxed, unpressurised way of making new friends, widening your social circle and perhaps bumping into someone you'll want to see more of!

Maybe you'll see a spark, maybe you won't. The whole pleasure is in the relaxed possibilities. What you can be sure of is that you'll have a good meal, great fun and increase your circle of friends!